Grade 4 Elements of Line and Shape

The students were given ‘line families’ and ‘shape families’. The activity was to mark down as many lines and shapes on the page in five minutes. The students concentrated really well and it was a great warm up for the following monoprinting project. Becoming familiar with lines and shapes will help them recognise and draw these when they observe their subject… the foundations of drawing.


Warming Up

Students arrive to the art room in the middle of a conversation, distracted or excited. So they started off the lesson with a five minute silent drawing warm up. They took to it so well that when asked to put the lids on the pens they didn’t want to stop. It was a simple way to settle the kids but also get them focused on the elements of lines and shapes that they will later apply to their monoprinting project.

Monoprinting #1

As part of their inquiry into how the world works, students investigated the natural habitat around the school collecting objects to focus their print work on. While drawing from observation they focused on line, learning about continuous, broken, thick, thin, straight and curly lines…

They also learnt a bit more information about Matisse and discussed one of his works using some elements of art vocabulary.