Cultural Buildings Monoprinted

Grade 4 have been researching buildings from different places around the world as part of their inquiry into who we are. They have been focusing on drawing, printmaking and painting. During this lesson they focused on filling in background layer neatly and blending colours. On a side note, some colour vocab buzzing in the art room this week: ceruleum, cobalt and emerald! Great to hear them using accurate terminology.


Grade 3 Complementary Colours

The students were challenged to apply their knowledge of colour theory by selecting colours for the background that complemented the colour of their fruit and veg prints. They found out which was the complementary colour by looking at the colour wheel and finding the opposite colour on the wheel. They also discussed a cut-out painting by Matisse using important art vocabulary! They did a great job!


The Grade 4 students created prints using fruit, vegetables and complementary colours. They were asked to consider the principle of ‘balance’ while creating their composition. They’ll continue to work colours into the background using oil pastels, creating a bright dynamic piece of art. Looking forward to seeing these finished once they return from Outward Bound!